Kenka Dokugaku | 喧嘩独学 | Episode 07


Kenka Dokugaku

12 Episodes | SubsPlease

Bullied by his classmate and popular Newtube streamer Pakgo, Yoo Hobin spends his high school days suffering from humiliation and abuse. His troubles do not end there, though; outside of school, Hobin slaves away at a part-time job to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. One day, Hobin accidentally spills ramen on Pakgo’s cameraman Woo “Jiksae” Jihyeok, tripping over a cord and disconnecting the other boy from his gaming stream. Finally fed up with his miserable lifestyle, Hobin fights back and ends up in a pathetic brawl with Jiksae.

Action, Comedy

Okuruto Noboru,


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